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Consumer Fraud

Princeton Consumer Fraud Lawyers

Consumer fraud falls into several categories. For those without integrity, the possibilities for cheating unsuspecting consumers are endless. If you have been deceived through the purchase of a product or a service, or taken advantage of by a corporation, odds are you have been the victim of consumer fraud.

From the purchase of an automobile that turns out to be a lemon, to violations of your internet privacy, or identify theft and stolen credit cards – it seems as though there are endless ways to steal by deception. Those who are exploited can lose anything from hundreds or thousands of dollars to their entire life savings.

Common Types of Consumer Fraud in Princeton

Common consumer fraud categories include:

  • Debit Card Fraud: Whenever you hand your debit card or credit card over to anyone at a restaurant or a store, you put your finances at risk. An unscrupulous person only needs a few moments to swipe your card and sell your account information to others who will then steal from your account.
  • Fake Charities: According to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), fake charities may appear to be very similar to legitimate charities in their “fundraising” styles. For example, con artists often prey on those who are empathetic and generous in the wake of natural disasters, and they may use the same techniques as an authentic charity to obtain your money.
  • Home Improvement/Contractor Fraud: There are countless stories about contractors who have taken money and then done a shabby job or disappeared altogether, never to complete the work.
  • Insurance Fraud: When an insurance company refuses to pay a claim that should be covered, a Princeton consumer fraud lawyer can work on your behalf to make them pay.
  • Investor Fraud: If you have been defrauded through unauthorized trading, omission, or poor investment guidance, you have been a victim of consumer fraud.
  • Lemon Law Fraud: If you have purchased a car that was trouble from the onset, then you may have been a victim of consumer fraud.
  • Mortgage Fraud: There are hundreds of mortgage fraud cases every year. According to the FBI’s Financial Fraud Unit, the most common cases today are aimed at distressed homeowners. Scams may include loan modification, foreclosure rescue, and other schemes.

Although the above list represents many of the most common types of consumer fraud, there are many other ways a business or corporation can be liable. Other tactics that fall under the umbrella may include offering one product but providing another; misrepresenting the quality, function, or capability of a product or service; deceiving through the use of fine print; improper billing; using deceptive sales techniques; and selling defective products.

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act

The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act is one of the strongest in the country. In 1971, the Act was modified to allow private citizens to enforce it, which meant that law firms could file lawsuits on behalf of clients who had been victimized. Even so, suing an individual or a company for consumer fraud can be quite complicated.

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